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Tekisha Harvey is a highly versatile marketing professional with 15+ years of brand management, strategic marketing planning, and market expansion experience. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies Macy’s, Coach, Ralph Lauren and Conagra Brands and has a proven track record of maximizing sales, profitability and building client relationships.

Since leaving her last role as a Marketing Director at Conagra Brands, she has struck out on her own as a Brand and Marketing Strategist, working primarily with small and start-up businesses.  She delivers a mindful approach to business, helping her clients find that point of connection with their customers.

In this episode you will hear how Tekisha planned her exit strategy to launching her own business. The practical steps to prepare for your purpose, and the importance on having an accountability partner and a support network.

Lessons learned:

Practical Steps to Prepare for your Purpose:

1. Steps to take before you leap

2. Tips on tackling anxiety

3. Keeping the momentum going (managing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship)

How Extended Travel Can Feed Your Soul and Provide Clarity


  • I inspire people to live their best life by living mine.

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