How to start a grossly underfunded company.


Shelley Rosen is a late blooming entrepreneur with a transformative innovation in floral. She will talk about the risks, challenges and opportunities of starting a grossly underfunded company.

Lessons learned:

  • How the team is constantly looking for people with the same vision of quality they have.

  • Biggest risk: She underestimated the B2B sector. How long the sales cycle is in reality and how to keep going.  

Key pieces of advice:

  • “Keep your dream but be realistic about what kind of capital and resources and people you need to keep going.”

  • “I caution the details and the discipline and also sticking with to the aspiration with the realities of how hard it is to get something started literally from nothing.”

  • “Never make a promise you can’t keep”

  • “Be obsessed with the details.”

  • “I really admire my customers, what they have to do to serve a luxury guest is frankly remarkable and they have to do it elegantly and gracefully, in a suite.”

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  • Harvard Business articles

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