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Shauna is a growth consultant for startup and small businesses working closely with brand leaders to strategies for growth while guiding them in execution and accountability.

Vocal advocate of women in business, Shauna is in a mission to redefine what it is to be a working women. Making Moxie is a community for female entrepreneurs.

In this episode you will learn how her biggest obstacle let her to starting her own business.

Lessons learned

“Don’t treat networking as a business thing, treat it as a human thing. Always look for connection in a positive way where you build good relationships.”

“I’m passionate about helping brands and making an impact.”

“As entrepreneurs we are problem solvers and it is never going to be perfect, and that is good because it keeps us busy.”

Actionable steps to take:

  1. Prove your concept. If you are not sure, get a client on the side. Look in your network to see if you can help for free and get a testimonial. Not only so other people can trust you, but so you know that you can trust yourself because you have done it

  2. Wake up early to get things done and feel more productive

  3. Network in LinkedIn, in person and Facebook groups. Get in front of people.


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