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Michelle Jackson is a personal finance influencer and digital creative working towards a goal of ridiculously passive income. Her goal is to help women create their best lives through healthy finances and lifestyle design utilizing digital entrepreneurship. When she is not working you can find her hiking around her state of Colorado.

In this episode you will learn how she takes advantage of passive income.


“You need to be unapologetically about what you bring to the table. I had to work on myself to bring me to alignment. ”

“Please do not focus on perfection, focus on done! That’s it. Don’t be perfect.”

“Get things out there and then improve them over time. It only gets great after is out there interactive with people and getting feedback.”

“What you focus on, grows. I focus on serving people that connects with me and I focus on money.”


10 X Rule - Grant Cardone


The Michelleismoneyhungry website: https://michelleismoneyhungry.com

FB, IG & Pinterest - @Michelleismoneyhungry

TW - @MichLovesMoney

The Square State Co website - http://squarestateco.com


Check out her free webinar "Crush the Conference-FinCon Edition michelleismoneyhungry.com/crushfincon

Enjoy the episode!

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