Devona Stimpson from Gangstar Creative - 004


Meet Devona, she is an artist, designer, branding expert, entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author.

Her background consists of 10+ years of graphic design experience, building a successful online brand, Art By Devona, selling original paintings and prints, as well as building a 6 figure branding & creative boutique, Strive & Grind, with her husband.

You will hear about: 

  • Saving, planning, investing in knowledge and opportunities. 
  • The importance of masterminds and surrounding yourself with amazing people.

Key piece of advice:

“When you get things that are free, you don’t put any value on it, but if your putting your blood, sweat and tears and hard earned money into something, you are going to care about that and work your a$$ off to make sure you get that ROI.” 

Enjoy the episode!

Notes from the episode:

Thanks to Jack Ryan of Humble Goods for the intro song:

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