Remy Meraz from Me Tyme Network - 003

Remy Meraz is the Founder and CEO of Me Tyme Network Inc., a self-help video on demand network on a mission to improve emotional intelligence and mental health. A natural born marketer, Ms. Meraz has a 25-year sales and marketing career that spans across a variety of industries including airlines, media, entertainment, advertising, and clean energy where she has generated over $20M in revenues and multi-millions in impressions. 


In this episode you will hear about:

  • How she broke through her fear to become an entrepreneur
  • How instrumental it is to have the right team to grow your company
  • The challenges she has dealt with in the tech industry

Key advice:

  • "I had to clear that fear out of my brain in order to make space, to burst the idea".
  • "It takes a village to build a company".

Enjoy the episode!

Notes from the episode:

Thanks to Jack Ryan of Humble Goods for the intro song:

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